Big Game Brand Lift

DISQO Ad Testing + Brand Lift show which ads scored touchdowns.

Download our report and learn which Big Game ads succeeded on creative appeal and brand lift.

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Learn which ads rose to the top on creative appeal and awareness lift.


Explore how different ad strategies drive differential creative results.
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Discover game-level benchmarks for these metrics, and to what extent winning ads outperformed them.


See which big game ads won on creative appeal and awareness lift

We tested the creative appeal and brand lift of every single ad from the Big Game using DISQO’s proven, single-source data-driven methodology. See which ads excelled on these distinct metrics, and who put it all together for the best overall performance.

Read about strategies that led to outsized impact on both metrics

Beyond measuring creative appeal and awareness lift,  we coded each ad on key attributes (celebrity usage, tone, diversity, length, CTAs, etc.) to discover which attributes are associated with stronger/weaker ad performance.