Assessing ad impact in social media

Compare brand and outcomes performance with normative benchmarks



Channel-level insights

Learn why social ads are so tough to benchmark, and how a novel consumer-centric measurement approach overcomes these challenges. See how our robust benchmarking data illuminates the potential advantages for social versus other digital channels.

Holistic metrics and industry nuances

Go beyond the topline and explore the diverse attitudinal and behavioral metrics where social media channels can shine. Explore how patterns vary by industry to uncover where social can be most / least impactful for particular products and brands.

1904672_detective_hand_lens_lens_magnifying_glass_research_iconSee how social media ads compare to ads on other channels on 14 distinct Brand and Outcomes Lift metrics


Identify industry categories where social media ads outperform and underperform other digital channels


DISQO__GrowthDiscover use cases in which social media ads can drive exponentially-stronger behavioral outcomes

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