Social Media Advertising Effectiveness Benchmarks

Measuring your brand’s performance across channels and categories

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Learn about DISQO’s benchmark data and see the advantages - plus some potential drawbacks- of social media advertising.



​​Explore when and why social benchmarks are higher than cross-channel benchmarks across certain industry categories.



Discover four key findings to consider when evaluating the potential of social media platforms.

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The evolution of social media advertising

In the ever-evolving world of social media, static ads, and corporate messaging are a thing of the past. Today, success lies in embracing dynamic, interactive, and organic content that captures the attention of easily-distracted consumers. To thrive in this environment, brands must adopt a casual tone, partner with influencers, and create platform-specific content that resonates with their target audiences. Discover the keys to unlocking social media's potential and captivating your audience through DISQO’s robust benchmarking data.

Four findings to make your social media ads thrive

In this report, we uncover essential findings that hold immense significance for marketers as they assess the potential of social media platforms. Discover social media’s strengths, its advantages at the bottom of the purchase funnel, and the industries where social media has outsized influence. Learn about the importance of employing strong and consistent measurement across all platforms to evaluate your campaigns effectively every time.