Holiday shopping actions and intentions

Spending less + trading down, further down the income ladder.

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See where trading up and trading down is happening for everyday US consumers trying to maximize their holiday season.


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Assess how economic constraints are differentially impacting certain industry categories more than others.

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Build a more robust understanding of the current consumer mindset towards holiday shopping, savings, and splurging.



2022 vs. 2021 spending by category

See category-by-category where consumers are pulling back spending for EOY 2022, compared to what they did during EOY 2021. Learn where they are planning to trade down to cheaper products and experiences, and the limited categories where they’re willing to trade up to more premium options.

Income-level discrepancies abound

For all analyses, explore how household income heavily splits these spending intentions, with lower-income consumers much more likely to pull back across categories. View patterns from over 5000 US consumers that showcase a tale of two economies that is likely to persist well into the start of 2023.