LGBTQ+ experience and the future of CX

DISQO’s & Do the WeRQ’s 2022 LGBTQ+ Advertising Experience Report

How do consumers factor brand purpose into CX journey decisions?

Building on our 2021 insights, DISQO and Do the WeRQ looked at the role customers expect brands and corporations to play in social issues – particularly LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion. Findings about the willingness of customers to reward or punish brands based on alignment with their values are illuminating and a must-read for CMOs, CCOs, and CXOs alike.

How will Gen Z impact the future of inclusive marketing?

Gen Z already holds tremendous economic influence – and they are more likely to wield wallets to demand inclusion. With Gen Z’s influence rising into the 2030s, marketers would be remiss to overlook how many of them will identify as LGBTQ+, and to understand their expectations and discerning points of view about what truly is inclusive marketing.