Bots don't have opinions, but they can take surveys

Survey research fraud is on the rise. Don't let you time to market be impacted by fraudulent responses.

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Data contamination

Driven by money, fraud is enabled by bots and fraudsters, which contaminate data.

Time-to-market impact

Your time to market can be impacted as fraudulent responses need to be replaced.

Multi-layered detection

DISQO provides multi-layered fraud detection through innovative techniques.
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How's this possible?

The research industry experienced a huge spike in fraud in the fall of 2020. The problem is only going to get worse as fraudsters become bolder and more sophisticated than ever. Learn what's at stake when leaders don't use trusted data to make the right decisions.

What our customers are saying

"We chose to partner with DISQO because of its leadership in fraud detection technology, its large and continuously updated U.S. panel, and its advanced sampling systems." - Jerry W. Thomas, President / CEO at Decision Analyst