Future-proofing brand lift

How zero-party data insures ad measurement against cookie and digital ID uncertainty

Uncertainty of the end of cookies

With the phase-out of third-party cookies looming, marketers and publishers are left wondering what will replace this method of tracking user behavior post ad exposure. This uncertainty underscores the importance of being prepared for a cookie-less future with alternative solutions such as zero-party behavioral data.

Cookie-less future

The industry is striving to innovate  scalable identity solutions for trustworthy assessments of ad campaign effectiveness. DISQO's Brand Lift and Outcomes Lift products leverage zero-party data in a single-source, objective  approach to cross-platform measurement. This has made DISQO the go-to choice for future proofed  ad campaign effectiveness measurement.

Explore the three core questions that that every marketer needs to consider regarding consumer ID uncertainty

Discover how DISQO helps clients make data-driven decisions without compromising consumer privacy

Prepare for the cookie-less future by exploring alternative solutions such as first-party and zero-party data

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