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Future-Proof Your Ad Measurement

Understanding Full-Funnel Impact

Hear from industry leaders innovating their ad measurement and attribution efforts.

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During this webinar, you will:



Learn the key metrics for understanding full-funnel ad impact.

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Discover why a consumer-consented, single-source approach to measurement provides holistic and reliable measurement.

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Hear why advertisers are thinking about measurement in the rapidly evolving universe of media.

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Understanding Full-Funnel Impact

The stakes for ad effectiveness measurement have never been higher. New ad formats, siloed social platforms, deprecating identifier technologies and constantly changing consumer behaviors are all having an impact. But leading brands, agencies and publishers are innovating with customer-first approaches that give people choice and control over how their identity and data are used.

Our Speakers


Graeme Hutton

SVP, Group Partner Research

Graeme leads UM's approach to advertising effectiveness research and related industry developments, and his clients include Energizer and J&J.


Marian Thomas

Director of Partnerships, Research & Measurement

With over 20 years of experience in digital media, Marian combines quantitative and qualitative data to drive efficiencies for Zynga’s advertising organization.


Stephen Jepson

EVP, Advertising Effectiveness

DISQO New Logo 2023

Stephen leads the deployment of DISQO’s innovative Brand Lift and Outcomes Lift products, working closely with brands, agencies and publishers to forge a sustainable path forward in cross-platform campaign effectiveness measurement.