Cookieless Ad Measurement

DISQO’s identity-based platform was built for the world without cookies

Download to see how our single-source platform objectively provides a complete view of your ad effectiveness without cookies.

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DISQO utilizes our identity-based platform and direct relationships with millions of opted in people.

Behavioral metering

Capture ad exposure in more places and without cookies with our behavioral metering application.

First-party only

DISQO offers profoundly better feasibility for segmented and granular ad effectiveness insights.
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What's happening?

In January, Google began sunsetting third-party cookies in Chrome, a process they’ve said would be complete by end-of-year. Chrome joins all other major web browsers in making this change aimed at respecting consumer privacy.

Let the cookie crumble

Our platform is built on first-party identity and proprietary metering technology. DISQO captures ad exposure and down-funnel consumer behaviors without cookies. Our metering app also enables us to capture in-app social media ad exposure, giving you the most complete measurement in the market.