Consumer Trends 2024

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Discover the economic and social worries that will impact consumers’ willingness to spend money next year…and which categories are likely to be impacted most by things like inflation fears.
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People are prepared to compromise or opt out of spending in discretionary categories. Explore what this means for the power of brand names versus generic alternatives and how this will play out in retail.
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On top of social and economic turbulence, media’s transformation continues to accelerate. Learn what media is most effective for different cohorts to optimize your media plans.


Optimizing for an ever-evolving consumer and media landscape

2023’s dynamics, from global conflicts to AI tech advancements, deeply impacted consumers. DISQO's Consumer Trends 2024 report explores sentiments and buying intentions going into 2024. The report is a compass for marketers in navigating turbulent consumer and media landscapes.

Adapting for success

AI and other tech innovations demand that brands to adapt swiftly. Pivotal shifts like Google’s long-promised sunsetting of the third-party cookie means marketers need new approaches and technologies. DISQO has you covered with products that let you test and measure every customer, touchpoint, and outcomes - all with consumer consent. Get the report to learn more.