How Chipotle’s Roblox experience drove purchase journey outcomes lift

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Discover how to assess the influence of immersive, virtual gaming experiences on  on- and off-platform behaviors.



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Proving the impact of metaverse brand experiences

In 5-10 years, a significant portion of the US population may become regular metaverse users, providing a great opportunity to connect with highly engaged consumers. Chipotle and other brands are already using Roblox, the largest immersive VR platform, to create innovative brand experiences. Learn how Roblox used DISQO Outcomes Lift to assess the impact of time spent in Chipotle's Roblox experience on desired off-platform behaviors. 

Going beyond traditional measurement

Roblox partnered with DISQO to understand customer behavior, touchpoints, and outcomes from time spent with brands on its platform. With behavioral outcomes data from DISQO, Roblox showcased the impact of creating authentic, immersive experiences, integrations, and Marketplace items on their platform. Brands like Chipotle correlated their Roblox experiences and off-platform success.