Experian® brings 200X more consumer insights to product development

How rapid consumer feedback from the DISQO™ CX platform enabled user-centered product design

Survival of the digital fittest

Financial services companies have been on a journey over the last 5 years to digitally transform their business and products. Rather than making decisions based on prior assumptions and a potentially inaccurate understanding of their audience, Experian recognized the need to collect more input and feedback from their consumers.

Experience research at scale

Experian selected DISQO to collect rapid consumer feedback throughout the product development lifecycle. Our platform empowered Experian to ask their audience exponentially more questions while providing the speed, flexibility, control, and data quality to impact across different business initiatives.

Learn how much incremental customer data we helped Experian bring to product decisions

Discover how CX research drove investment in the company’s insights function

Hear from them how DISQO helped drive a culture of customer-centricity

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