Ad-Supported Streaming TV

Optimizing brand experience in the fast-evolving CTV landscape

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Learn what consumers like and dislike about ad-supported tiers.


Discover how interest toward ad-supported platforms differs across demographic cohorts, and what brands should consider to resonate with the CTV audience.
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Explore which factors motivate consumers to subscribe to ad-supported streaming tiers and impact their brand experience.


What do consumers think about ad-supported streaming?

Nearly every streaming platform today offers an ad-supported tier for their customers. By surveying over 17,000 members of DISQO’s direct audience, we uncovered key insights to guide CTV advertisers and platforms in optimizing campaigns for maximum impact.

What do brands need to know about ad-supported streaming?

Viewing experience is a top priority for consumers and plays a role in their perception of a CTV advertiser. Brands that develop content with the consumer experience in mind will break through the crowded ad-supported marketplace.