Brand Lift & Outcomes Lift: 2024 Industry Benchmarks

The only full-funnel norms for ad effectiveness

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Dive into normative benchmarks covering brand lift and outcomes lift metrics for the entire customer journey.
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Explore how categories and industries differ across 17 distinct benchmarks.
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Compare the performance of ad campaigns across four product categories and 15 distinct industries.
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Compare your ad effectiveness to the industry at-large or your category.

With DISQO’s unique ability to connect attitudinal and behavioral outcomes, we provide the only full-funnel normative benchmarks for ad effectiveness. See the typical impact of an ad campaign on brand lift metrics (like awareness, favorability, purchase intent) and outcomes lift metrics (like site visits, search, e-commerce). Compare your ads’ performance across industry verticals and advertising channels.

Stay current with updated benchmarks

Consumer habits change continuously. Our annual update, this year with data from 900+ campaigns, keeps your benchmarking efforts current. See across four macro businesses categories and 15 specific industries to evaluate your own performance. DISQO’s normative database is rapidly becoming the go-to for top brands.